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Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Ball Obsession - Cheese Professor

Attend almost any party in Brazil, and you’ll discover that the most popular guests are warm, cheesy orbs, crispy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. Pão de queijo (cheese bread) is woven into daily life, as a companion to the morning cup of coffee, then baked fresh all day long at stands, shops, bakeries, markets, and restaurants. No wonder it is one of the first things Brazilian emigrants miss when they leave the country.

East Bay restaurants brace for instability in food supply chain - BerkeleySide

Since the pandemic started, Brazilian Bread owner Del Rodrigues has had to re-think the ingredients she uses to make her Brazilian dishes and specialty items due to a suddenly unstable supply chain.

Positividade em Tempos Difíceis - Brave

March 2020 - Desde o início da quarentena, uma grande corrente do bem tem movimentado as redes sociais do BRAVE. Nossa comunidade tem mostrado sua força durante esse período de mudanças apoiando e divulgando o trabalho das empreendedoras do grupo, facilitando uma corrente de ajuda entre quem precisa e quem tem...

New in Town: March 2020 - Marin Magazine

Feb 2020 - With the intention of bringing the joy of pao de quejo [...] Del Rodrigues opened [new San Rafael] Brazilian Breads [Take-Out], a catering and baking hub and takeout shop, in San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood. 

In Her Own Words: An illustrated interview with Del Rodrigues of Brazilian Bread Café - Berkeleyside

July 2019 - “Women in East Bay Food | In Her Own Words” is a series by Berkeley-based illustrator Kaitlin Strange created for Berkeleyside Nosh.

The Textural Delights of Tapioca at Brazilian Bread - East Bay Express Restaurant Review

May 2019 - At Brazilian Bread in Berkeley, freshly made pão de queijo, tapioca crepes, and yuca fries showcase the possibilities of the cassava root....

Gluten Free Cheesiness - Oakland Magazine Epicure section

May 2018 - Before opening Brazilian Breads on Solano Avenue in February, Delvira Rodrigues popularized the puffy, palm-sized cheese rolls known as pao de queijo at Oakland's Eat Real Festival and catered events...

Brazilian Bread café is now open on Solano Avenue — Berkeleyside

Feb 14, 2018 - This café, which opened its doors today in North Berkeley, specializes in cheese breads, sandwiches, açaí bowls and other Brazilian fare...

Brazilian Bread Cafe brings authentic cheese breads to North Berkeley - Daily Cal

Feb 21, 2018 - Brazilian Bread, a cafe that specializes in fresh authentic Brazilian cheese breads, opened for business in North Berkeley at 1707 Solano Ave. Owner Delvira Rodrigues said she has missed Brazilian bread ever since she moved to the United States from Brazil, where it is a tradition to eat this special bread ...

Berkeley: New cafe offers popular Brazilian cheese breads - East Bay Times

Apr 3, 2018 - BERKELEY – Del Rodrigues laughs when she's asked about sleep. “I'm going to leave it for when I die,” she said. The 39-year old native of Brazil is running around her new Brazilian Breads cafe, located at 1707 Solano Ave. One moment, she's serving up a cup of coffee and a couple of fresh baked cheese ...

Brazilian Breads inaugura primeira loja, em Berkeley - BrasilBest A Mídia Brasileira

Jan 30, 2018 - Entrevista exclusiva com a empresária Del Rodrigues. Quando surgiu a idéia de abrir uma loja? Desde que montamos o plano de negócios do Brazilian Breads, quase três anos atrás, abrir uma loja que vendesse nossos produtos era um alvo almejado, tão logo os produtos estivessem testados, ...

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