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main hot dishes

Authentic Brazilian comfort food.
Individual package
Minimum 10 orders for dish. 

top sirloin roasted - picanha // 13

Harris Ranch top sirloin roasted with garlic paste, chimichurri sauce on side. Served with garlic rice, and yuca pure. 

black bean stew - feijoada // 12

Stew of pork and black bean. Served with garlic rice, and seasoned cassava flour (farofa).   

brazilian stroganoff  //  12

Tender pieces of beef or chicken and mushrooms, in a creamy sauce,

topped with potato sticks, served with garlic rice.  

yuca shepherds pie - escondidinho //  11 - 14

Two layers of creamy yuca puree filled with shredded chicken, or beef, or vegetables. Topped with cheese.

The vegetable version has no cheese and is vegan.

soup &


Authentic Brazilian food.
Individual package
Minimum 10 orders for dish. 

yuca soup // 6

Cream lactose-free yuca broth. // Chicken // Vegan.

house salad  //  4

Mixed greens, mandarin orange, heart of palm, beets, and cherry tomatoes with house made dressing. 

hot side

Half tray or Full tray.
Minimum 10 orders for dish. 

black bean stew - feijoada

Brazilian traditional black bean stew with pieces of baby back ribs, pork sausage, pork loin and bacon. 

Half tray 60 // Full tray 120

pork leg - pernil de porco // 70

Oven roasted marinated overnight in lemon, garlic, and Brazilian coarse sea salt, served with home made BBQ guava sauce on the side.

chicken fricasse casserole 

Chicken shredded, sautéed vegetables, mixed with creamy catupiry sauce, topped with cheese and potato sticks. 

Half tray 60 // Full tray 120

rice garlic 

Garlic white rice side.

Half tray 20 // Full tray 40

golden cassava - farofa // 40 

Coarsely refined cassava flour, tostad with olive oil, mixed with sauteed chopped mushrooms, bananas, and onion. Vegan. 


Authentic Brazilian street food.
Minimum 30 unities. mix&match. 

cheese bread  //  0.90

Freshly baked. Gluten-free. 

Choose from original, guava, garlic, jalapeno, or bacon.

coxinha or risole  //  0.95

Brazilian style empanadas - chicken or corn&cheese.

mini cheese bread sandwich //  1.80

Choose from chicken, pulled pork, or eggplant.  


especialities box

Authentic Brazilian finger foods.
Minimum 10 unities.

snack box savory // 4.45

3 pieces of cheese bread, 1 chicken empanadas, and 1 corn empanadas. 

snack box mix // 6.45

3 pieces of cheese bread, 1 mini cheese bread sandwich, 1 chicken empanadas, and 1 corn empanadas. 1 brigadeiro chocolate and 1 coconut brigadeiro. 

chesse bread


Authentic Brazilian sandwich.
Minimum 10 unities.

picanha // 8

Roasted Harris Ranch Top Sirloin Steak seasoned with kolsher salt and ghee butter, touched up with chimichurri sauce. 

pork // 6

Oven roasted marinated overnight in lemon, garlic, and Brazilian coarse sea salt, touched up with guava jelly bbq sauce.

chicken // 6

Chicken breast grilled, marinated in lemon and mustard, touched up with Brazilian sea salt, and green herbs. 

egg plant (veggie) // 6

Roasted egg plant, with bell pepper, hearts of palm, and artichoke. 

breakfast // 6 

Cheese, prosciutto, and eggs.  

acay bowl

Acaiberry blended with guarana syrup, banana and strawberry.
Minimum 20 unities.

acai superfood // 7

Organic banana, organic granola, blueberries, goji berries, and hemp seed. Choose one topping: peanut butter or honey. 8oz. 

the carmen miranda  // 6

Organic banana, organic granola, coconut strips, blueberries. Choose one topping: peanut butter or honey. 8oz. 


Brazilian authentic deserts.

brigadeiro chocolate truffles  // 48

Hand roll, smooth, creamy, with an intense chocolaty flavor.

We make them with a special ingredient, hazelnut spread (Nutella) and coated in real Guittard chocolate sprinkles. 50 unit. 

brigadeiro coconut // 48

Hand roll, smooth, creamy, with an intense coconut flavor.

Coated in grated coconut. 50 unit. 

Bazilian flan - pudin // 5

Custard dessert with carameled sauce.  

sweet rice pudding - Arroz Doce // 4

Made with condensed milk, caramelized sugar, and sprinkled with citrus peel to give this simple dessert a deep flavor. 



guarana antartica // 2

Brazilian soda made with extract of guarana seed from Amazonia.

acai kombucha by brazilian breads // 6

Brewed Kombucha with toasted yerba mate tea and pure acai berry pulp.

sparkling water // 1.5 - 2

La Croix // San Pellegrino // Select flavors. 

orange juice // 2

San Pellegrino orange juice, 330ml. 

coconut water // 2.5

Água de Côco.  

coca-cola //  1.5 - 2.5

Can // Mexican bottle 355mL.



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