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chesse bread


Authentic Brazilian cheese bread sandwiches, gluten-free starch.

picanha // 10

Grilled Harris Ranch Top Sirloin Steak seasoned with kosher salt and  butter, melted provolone cheese, classic green mix, touched up with chimichurri sauce.

mr. pig // 8

Slow cooked shredded pork, classic green mix, sliced bacon, and provolone cheese, touched up with guava jelly bbq sauce.

linguiça // 8

Brazilian pork sausage grilled, classic green mix, and provolone cheese, touched up with chimichurri sauce.

grilled chicken // 7

Grilled chicken breast marinated in mustard sauce, provolone cheese, and classic green mix, touched up with green herbs mayo sauce. 

warrior breakfast // 8

Pork sausage, omelette, provolone cheese, and bacon slices, herbs mayo sauce on side.

breakfast sandwich // 7

Omelette, heart of palm,  provolone cheese,  touched up with green herbs sauce. 

mushroom (veggie) // 7

Salted mushroom, caramelized onions, and classic green mix, touched up with chimichurri sauce.

beringela (veggie) // 7

Roasted eggplant, bell pepper, classic green mix, provolone cheese, and sun-dried tomato.

Transform your veggie sandwich into vegan with Ciabatta Bread + $3. Just ask no cheese, please!

add sides

Yuca fries // 5
BZB Tropical Salad // 5


& side

Authentic Brazilian finger foods, ready to eat.

cheese bread  //  5

Bag with 5 units of our signature Brazilian Cheese Bread freshly baked.
Mix and match flavors: original, guava, garlic, jalapeño, or bacon. 

Gluten-free, Vegetarian (except bacon). 

coxinha or risole  // 7

4 pieces of Brazilian style empanadas // chicken (coxinha) or corn&cheese (rissole).


feijoada  // SIDE 6

Brazilian traditional black bean stew with pieces of baby back ribs, pork sausage, pork loin and bacon.


yuca garlic fries  // 9

Fried yuca sticks topped with alioli, garlic, sprinkled parmesan cheese and parsley.

//SIDE $5

bzb tropical salad  // 9

Arugula, spinach and collard mixed with sun-dried tomato, mandarin orange, heart of palm, and beetroot with house made dressing on site.

// ADD EXTRA MEAT (steak 7, chicken 4 or pork 4).

// SIDE $5


savory tapiocas - Flatbread

Authentic Brazilian crêpe, gluten-free starch.

sun dried beef  // 12

Shredded sun dried beef, provolone cheese, and caturipy (Brazilian cream cheese).

chicken w/ catupiry  // 11

Shredded chicken breast in tomato sauce, heart of palm, provolone cheese, and catupiry (Brazilian cream cheese).

pork & bacon  // 11

Slow cooked shredded pork, prosciutto, smoked bacon, classic green mix, and provolone cheese. 

breakfast  // 11

Omelette, provolone cheese, classic green mix, and ham. 


mushroom (veggie or vegan no cheese on)  // 10

Roasted mushroom, classic green mix, and caramelized onion.

eggplant (veggie or vegan no cheese on)  // 11

Roasted eggplant with bell peppers, classic green mix, sun dried tomato, and provolone cheese. 

sweet tapiocas - Flatbread // 9

nutella w/ fruits

Strawberry, bananas and hazelnut spread (Nutella).

condensed milk

Coconut strips and condensed milk.

guava jelly

Coconut, provolone cheese, and guava jelly. 

Authentic Brazilian crêpe, gluten-free starch.


hot meal

Authentic Brazilian comfort food.

shepherd's pie sun dried beef - escondidinho carne de sol  // 15

A layer of shredded sun dried beef hidden between layers of yuca puree. Provolone cheese on top.

shepherd's pie chicken - escondidinho de frango  // 13

A layer of shredded chicken breast in tomato sauce hidden between layers of yuca puree. Provolone cheese on top.

shepherd's pie vegan - escondidinho vegano  // 11

A layer of chickpeas, mushrooms, and carrots hidden between layers of yuca puree.

No cheese. 



mini single

BBQ skewers

A single skewer of your choice.
Order the sides apart!

steak top sirloin skewer // 10

One grilled Harris Ranch Top Sirloin Steak skewer seasoned kosher salt.

chicken bacon skewer // 8

One grilled chicken breast skewer wrapped with bacon.

cheese coalho skewer // 4

One grilled fresh cheese skewer.

add sides

Feijoada // 6

Yuca fries // 5
BZB Tropical Salad // 5



Acaiberry blended with guarana syrup,
banana and strawberry.

acai superfood  // 12

Organic acaiberry, bananas, organic granola, blueberries, goji berries, hemp seed. Choose a sauce: peanut butter or honey.


acaideira  // 11

Organic acaiberry, bananas, organic granola, coconut shredded, milk powder

(leite nildo), and condensed milk. 

the carmen miranda  // 11

Organic acaiberry, bananas, organic granola, coconut strips, and blueberries. Choose a sauce: peanut butter or honey. 



Authentic Brazilian sweets.

brazilian flan - pudim leite condensado  // 5

Slice of Brazilian flan creamy and smooth.  

brigadeiro //

Eight units of brigadeiro truffle. Smooth, creamy, with an intense chocolaty flavor rolled them in real Guittard chocolate sprinkles. 

sweet rice pudding - arroz doce  // 4

Condensed milk, caramelized sugar, sprinkled with citrus peel to give this simple dessert a deep flavor.

pacoquinha //  0.50 - 6

Brazilian peanut dessert.  

chocolate bis // 3.50 - 4

Chocolate covered wafer. 20 units per box. //milk chocolate // dark chocolate.

chocolate bonbon //  1- 18

Sonho de Valsa // Ouro Branco bombom



Authentic Brazilian beans.

cafezinho // 2

Espresso coffee

cafe fraco // 3


regular  // 3

Drip coffee

cafe com leite

Late hot coffee 3 // cold 3.50

capuccino // 3

cold-brew coffee  // 3.5

Brazilian beans.

mocha // 3.5

Hot 3 // cold 3.50

chocolate quente // 3

Hot cocoa



Passion Fruit.

Hot 2.5 // cold 3 ​


Yerba Mate.

Hot 2.5 // cold 3 



bahia  // 4.5

Coconut water blended with tropical Brazilian fruit and coconut.

copacabana  // 4

Tropical Brazilian fruit blended with house lemonade and mint.

acayberry lemonade  // 3.5

House lemonade blended with organic acayberry.

Natural fruit. 

smoothies // 6

tropical breeze

Tropical Brazilian mango with passion fruit and banana.

smooth’d terra

Tropical Brazilian fruit blended with house lemonade and mint.

Poulp fruit. 


guarana antartica // 2

Brazilian soda made with extract of guarana seed from Amazonia.

sparkling water // 1.5 - 2

La Croix // San Pellegrino // Select flavors. 

orange juice // 2

San Pellegrino orange juice, 330ml. 

coconut water // 2.5

Água de Côco.  

coca-cola //  1.5 - 2.5

Can // Mexican bottle 355mL.



alcoholic beverage

Try Brazilian beers. 

brazilian beer longneck // 6

Selection of craft Brazilian beers. Palma Louca, Xingu Black, Xingu Gold.

novo brazil beer //  5 - 6

Novo Brazil brews tropical flavors. 

nova easy kombucha // 6

Tropical Brazilian fruit blended with house lemonade and mint.

novo brazil hard seltzer // 5

Crystal Grapefruit // Pink Mango. 

wine selection bottle //  13 - 23

Syrah // Chardonnay // Red. 



& froozen

cheese bread bag // 8.90

Frozen package, 13 pieces. Flavors: original, guava jelly, jalapeno, garlic&rosemary, bacon, cream cheese.

coxinha or risoles // 10

Frozen package, 8 pieces, pre-fried. Coxinhas flavor chicken. Risoles flavor corn&cheese. 

feijoada mix  // 9

Selected pork pieces for feijoada.

sun dry beef // 12

Carne seca // Brazilian Jerky.

calabresa sausage // 12

Linguica Calabresa. Frozen package 14oz.

toscana sausage // 6

Brazilian pork sausage Toscana. Frozen package 400g

mr. tango linguica // 8

Brazilian pork sausage thing. Frozen package 16oz.

yuca peeled frozen // 2.10

Whole yuca raw peeled.

puff dough for pastry // 6

Massa pronta para pastel. 

cream cheese // requeijao // 4.5

Brazilian cream cheese. Requeijao cremoso.

Get goods to bake in home. 


Get goods to have at home. 

malagueta hot sauce // 8

Brazilian Malagueta pepper marinated in 100% olive oil. 

BBQ guava sauce // 6

Guava jelly, tomato, sauce, onions and garlic.

tapioca flour // 6

Hydrated tapioca,1 Lb package.

farofa pronta // 4

Yoki seasoned Cassava Flour ready to eat, 500g. 

heart of palm // 8 - 6

Hearts of palm // palmito, jar 530g. 

coffee whole beans // 11 -17

Organic coffee, many options apply. 

pilao coffee //  8

Dark roasted grounded 500g.

dulce de leche //  5.50 -8.50

La Lechera 380g or Aviacao 400g.

potato strings //  4

Batata palha 140g. 

sal grosso //  5

Brazilian salt 1kg.