The best-flavored gluten-free
Cheese Bread in the Bay Area.
We are driven by dreams and cheese bread!

Brazilian Breads was founded with the dream of bringing people together. 
Brazilians love to meet to catch up, have a cup of coffee, and share a simple yet delicious food. After several parties and a good deal of cheese bread distributed to friends, Brazilian Breads was founded, serving authentic Brazilian cheese bread to the San Francisco Bay Area.
A delicious gluten-free option, cheese bread, is one of the most traditional foods in Brazil.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, our two locations are open for pick-up or delivery.  


Brazilian food is healthy and fresh. We provide high-quality, affordable, and delicious food. A new menu was developed to offer much more than Brazilian finger food. Now, you can find Brazilian Barbecue - Picanha roasted top sirloin, Feijoada - black beans stew, Stroganoff, Escondidinho - Yuca shepherd's pie, and Fricasse Chicken Casserole. In single or family sizes. Frozen, ready to warm up in your home. We deliver.


Celebrations must have warm and delicious food for your guests. Check out our wide range of finger foods and comfort foods. We will drop off the food at your place, on time, with everything you need to conveniently enjoy your food: ready to serve containers, disposable tableware, napkins, and sauces.​



Açaí Bowl

Boost your immune system with antioxidant rich Brazilian açaí!

We have 3 different toppings of açaí bowl.

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